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These labels add the perfect touch to your creations!  There are no inks used.  They will not fade or fray and are machine washable.  They are very easy to sew on, or we can even add holes for easy attachment to knitted and crocheted items.  They are made out of Ultrasuede brand ultrasuede and are very soft to the touch.  Please see the color chart to see what each color looks like engraved.

This price has a one time design fee of $9.  Reorders are $36.

Product dimensions/quantity: Pricing remains the same for all sets.  The varying factor will be how many labels you receive from one set, which is dependent on requested size.  We can create any size label you'd like.  Our most popular label size is 1 x 2" flat and 3/4 x 2". This size produces 60 labels per set or 75 per set. Smaller labels produce more per set. Larger labels produce less per set. See http://rememberwynn.com/faq for more on sizes and quantities. 

Checkout Instructions: If you have a logo, you may attach it during checkout.  Our first preference is .eps (vector), however we will take high resolution .jpg and .pdf (preferably in black and white).  If you need a simple logo designed with graphics added, please note it during checkout.

All sew on labels will have at least 1/8" seam allowance unless otherwise specified.

After purchase is complete, we will be in touch within a 2 business days with a digital mock up via email, followed by a photo proof for you to approve unless we have any questions.  Turn around time is shipment within 7 business days from the date the sample is approved.  Average time is shipment within 2 weeks of purchase (can go faster or longer depending on complexity of design, correspondence back and forth and any adjustments that need to be made).

We do offer bulk discounts.  Prices will be adjusted accordingly during checkout.

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