How many labels come in a set?

This can vary depending on what size label you order. We use the same size sheet of ultrasuede for every order (12 x 12 inches). We then fit as many labels onto that sheet as possible with a small amount of space in between. Our average size label is 1 x 2 inches, and 60 labels come in a set of that size. If the label is smaller, more will come in a set. If the label is larger, less will come in a set.


Can I pick and choose my label color and the graphic/text color?

Yes and no. You most certainly can pick your label color. However, the color of the graphic/text is not able to be customized. If you look at our color chart, you will see what each color looks like engraved. This is not interchangeable. We do not use inks and we do not offer woven labels. We use heat to melt the fibers on the labels creating deep contrast. In most cases, the color of the graphic/text will be a darker version of the original label color chosen.


Can I do two different designs/sizes for one set?

No. We only allow one design per set. All labels have to be identical. This includes the size.


Can you cut custom shapes.

Yes. We can cut custom shapes and sizes at customers request.